Kota Doria Initiatives


At a meeting held at the rather derelict Common Facilitation Centre in Kaithoon on 30th July 2020, we listened to the weavers and Hari Mohan Sharma, government officer in-charge of the CFC and tried to find a way forward.


We are interested in using the CFC for training workshops and skill development and as a base for and administrative office.


Joyti Gupta from Mumbai, Madan Meena, Hari Mohan Sharma, Asgar Ali and Rameez Ansari representing the master weavers, and the officers of KWWO, were all there. Ritesh and Om Veer from Access Development Services working with the women on a two-year project are also involved.


Jyoti and the weavers may set up a marketing co-operative, enabled and monitored by KHS. Handloom Kota doria is expensive and unique and should be valued as a national treasure.

From 27th July, 2020, the Government abolished the All India Handloom Board and subsumed it into the Ministry of Textiles.


Weaving is the biggest employer in India after agriculture and much of it is done at home by women. It is a skilled form of livelihood earning that combines well with other responsibilities.


Badrun Nisha here combines weaving with child-minding her young grandson.


Asgar Ali and Mohammed Sharif at home  with kota doria paper bags
Kota doria paper bags (click to enlarge)

Over the years we have tried various initiatives to support genuine hand woven kota doria and have designed paper bags to replace plastic and arranged for kota doria dupattas to be on sale in the Kota Garh shop. Neither of these initiatives have proven to be sustainable.


We have arranged free spectacles, however, for the women weavers and held eye check up camps in 2012, 2013 and most recently in January 2020. These sponsored eye check ups are most appreciated.


We also connect enquiries to this website to the weavers and try to promote the hand loom industry in general. Last year, 2019, the Common Facilitation Centre in Kaithoon was flooded and all the looms and equipment ruined. We are trying to work with the government and the weavers to find a way forward.


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