Kota doria initiatives

Asgar Ali and Mohammed Sharif at home  with kota doria paper bags
Kota doria paper bags (click to enlarge)

As part of an initiative to promote genuine handloom kota doria fabric, and to support the weavers, we have arranged for the Kota Garh Palace shop to stock a small range of dupattas (stoles) on a sale-or-return basis. Each dupatta has a label designed by KHS.


These dupattas are now supported by an exhibition to familiarise visitors with kota doria and to spread awareness.


The American craft magazine HandEye was approached by Ritu Jain, and on April 21st, 2011 it carried an article in its weekly online edition based on our submission. Ritu is photographing and documenting the many processes involved in handwoven kota doria and KHS hope to produce a book in some form.


We experimented with screen printing on brown paper bags for use when selling kota doria saris, but there are problems with quality and supply. The first batch being presented to master weaver Asgar Ali and his designer brother Mohammed Sharif can be seen in the photo above.



These two samples are from a subsequent order of better quality bags commissioned by Asgar from KHS and sourced in Jaipur and printed in Kota. Thanks, again, to Ritu for organising the designing and production.

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