India Joins the Chain of 'Silky Cities'

2022-05-11 10:55 by Victoria Singh

Isabelle Moulin of Silk Me Back Editions came to India in April 2022 and visited Kaithoon as part of her tour. She was accompanied by Jyoti Gupta and sat with Asgar Ali discussing a fashion show in Lyon, France in which each of India's six types of silk will be showcased. She ordered a cream kota doria sari in mulberry silk for one outfit.


While in Bangalore, Isabelle was able to announce that India has formally joined the Chain of Silky Cities in which one city represents the nation.

The other nations are China, Uzbekistan, Italy, France, Spain and Brazil.


Isabelle is concerned that the skills and knowledge of silk production are being lost in France which no longer manufactures silk. Archives are being held in Bangalore of the French silk history, and Lyon is home to heritage industrial museums but has lost practical skills. India still has the skills and is looking for world markets. The challenge is to develop both these strands for mutual benefit.

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