A Royal Funeral

2012-02-03 08:40 by Victoria Singh

Last rites at Kshar Bagh, Kota
Last rites at Kshar Bagh, Kota

The passing of an era. On January 12th 2012, the Rajmata of the former state of Kotah Her Highness Shiv Kumari died at the age of 95. She first came to Kotah from Bikaner as a very young bride.


She was cremated according to tradition at Kshar Bagh close to the Kotah State cenotaphs.


In this photograph, family members are in attendance at the cremation, as are the mourning public. On such a sombre occasion it is customary and traditional to wear white or dull coloured turbans.


The women stayed at Umed Bhavan Palace dressed in light pastel colours. On the twelth day the mourning colours are replaced with colourful pinks and oranges.

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