4th Schools Art Exhibition

2018-02-14 09:57 by Victoria Singh

...a great success

The recent 4th Schools Art Exhibition (27th to 30th February) was a great success. Nearly 600 children and school students enjoyed art and craft activities, including pottery, mask making, block printing, origami, pebble painting, kolam, animation, art labs and canvas painting.

The exhibition was opened by Arundatta Choudhary, gold medalist in U14 boxing in Serbia, and Deepa Yadav who ran 63 kms. in the recent Chambal Challenge.

The traditional game of Chaupad was learnt using authentic Hadoti rules and live sports demonstrations were held each evening showing both girls and boys training for kushti (wrestling), judo, boxing, wushu, tae-kwondo, and local skills such as swordmanship.

The inaugural Monday Mile@School run was organised by Inshape gym to promote wellness and healthy lifestyles in schools.

The four days ended with a play in Hadoti by resident students of Bal Vidhyalaya.

We are grateful to all the members and volunteers who ran workshops and helped.

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