Notable Visitors to the British Kota Cemetery

2023-03-23 15:56 by Victoria Singh

On 23rd March, 2023 Sue Hyslop and her daughter Jessica came to visit the grave of their ancestor Lt. William Hislop who died of fever in 1829 aged 26. He was acting Political Agent for Harowtee and his wife was pregnant when he passed away. Through DNA tracking they found out that they are descended from William's unborn daughter who grew up in an East India Company orphanage in Calcutta.


(It is co-incidental that Sue's surname by marriage is Hyslop and her ancestor was also called Hislop!)

There is a painting of Lt. William Hislop in Bada Mahal within Garh Palace labelled Hislop Sahib. Jessica is standing next to her gt. gt. gt. gt. gt. grandfather on her mother's side.

(Photo courtesy Joachim Bautze)

This is a wall painting in Garh Palace of the Darbar of Maharao Ram Singh in 1828 featuring Rajrana Madho Singh and Hislop Sahib. Hislop died in 1829, one year before the Agency Bungalow was finished in 1830. It is now known as Brijraj Bhawan.


Hislop's monument in the British Cemetery in Kotah was built by Rajrana Madho Singh, the Dewan, son of Zalim Singh Jhala and father of the first Maharana of Jhalawar. The Jhala family were indebted to the British.

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