Udaan takes off

2012-06-15 06:42 by Victoria Singh

Udaan 2012 Short Film Festival organising committee in front of the Kota Art Centre with the festival banner
Udaan 2012 Organising Committee (click to enlarge)

Kota's first experimental short film festival was much appreciated by the young film-makers and attracted one director/editor team from Kolkata and one from Jaipur. This is a tribute to the positive effects of social networking!


The films were shown in the central courtyard of the Kota Art Centre after dark on two hot and muggy nights. Jaiwardhan, President of KHS, presented certificates of appreciation to those whose films had been shown.


The festival was not so much a "low budget production" as much a "no budget production," run on credit with a seed-corn donation of Rs. 2000 from KHS. We invited voluntary contributions and got our money back.


The Society's role was much appreciated and gave credibility to the initiative. The Kota Art Centre still has no management staff and no operating budget. It is hoped that the film enthusiasts will form a cine club in the centre.


Udaan means flight in Hindi, and that is just what this first festival accomplished in its initial launch - a maiden flight.

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