Heritage Walks

KHS is supporting Sarvesh Hada of Hadoti Heritage Walks in organising such events. Contact Sarvesh on his mobile number 7568069676 for details.


14 Nov 2021 - CV Garden Guided Nature Walk

A large group of enthusiastic and responsive students from Bakshis Springdales and others aged between 6-80 enjoyed learning about the Hindu stories associated with each of the trees selected by Prathivi Ji for his nature walk.


The oldest tree in the gardens is a semal (Bombax ceiba) or Indian Silk Cotton Tree. In Ayurveda every part of the tree is used to treat various ailments.

24 Oct 2021 - Historic Buildings and Sites

The walk began at the Circuit House at 7:00am which was being built at the same time as Government College, formerly called Herbert College after a British Resident.


We sent via the British Cemetery to Umed Club, formerly known as Crosthwaite Institute, which still houses a notable library and reading room. The walkers were treated to a music programme and breakfast at Umed Club. Robert Joseph Crosthwaite had been Agent to the Governor General (A.G.G.) in Rajputan from 1895-1898, and was very supportive of the young Maharao Umed Singh receiving full regal powers.