• The Society


The society has the following objectives: 


  1. To enable its members to share the responsibility for the upkeep and preservation of Heritage monuments or features in Kota as decided by the members
  2. To encourage local residents to take pride in their heritage
  3. To promote Kota's heritage both in India and abroad
  4. To provide a social forum for those people interested in Kota's heritage
  5. And for other objects and purposes which may be conducive to and beneficial for the heritage of Kota and the members



Our society was registered in September 2007 in Kota under the Rajasthan Societies Act of 1958 (Rajasthan Sanstha Adhiniyam 1958)***, wherein the articles of the society were formally set out.


Some of the members had been involved in heritage work much before this date. The formation of the society was a formal coming together of individuals who cared about their heritage and wanted to actively do something for its preservation and upkeep.


***The registered address of the society is: Sukhdham Kothi, Civil Lines, Kota 324001, Rajasthan.

Society Registration number: 74/Kota/2007-8 dated 07/09/2007