Indigo Project

Oct 2018

The indigo growing experiment did not work in 2017 but this year looks more promising (also see Latest news).


Madan Meena is trying to document the local indigo dyeing craft and associated block printing before the last people with this knowledge are not around anymore.


For research purposes he has bought natural indigo dye from Tamil Nadu, and unbleached handwoven cotton from Kala Swaraj Foundation of Madhya Pradesh. He has also bought indigofera tintoria seeds and is planning to grow some for dyeing purposes and for seed this 2017 summer.


Hadoti used to be an indigo growing area and there is a huge upsurge of interest in natural dyes with customers abroad willing to pay more for a natural dyed indigo fabric.


Madan has found printing blocks which are no longer used and evidence of traditional designs.


We would welcome funding for this project.