Kalbelia Craft Revival Project

Architectural Digest Contemporary Craft Competition

Following the exhibition at the India International Centre, Delhi in July 2022, KHS was asked to enter the annual Architectural Digest Contemporary Craft Competition 22/23, which we did.


Our project was selected to be showcased in the Artisan Pavilion at the Jio International Centre in Mumbai in September 2023. Eight crafts  from all over India were selected. Juhi Sharma took Lad Bai and Nati Bai to Mumbai for this prestigious event which gave a lot of  exposure to the Kalbelia quilting tradition. Nita Ambani visited our section and took details.


We were not allowed to sell however, and could only give details and send catalogues.


Quilts of India Exhibition at Nila House, Jaipur March 2022

(Patrick and Mewa Sapera)

American Patrick J. Finn, who has written two books on 'Quilts of India' has been following KCRP from the beginning. He visited the exhibition at Nila House, Jaipur and bought the first quilt. He photographed Mewa Sapera, who has now retired, but used to dance internationally with the more well known Gulabo. She is standing in front of a beautiful godadi stitched by her and came to demonstrate her work to visitors.


There was a lot of interest in natural dyed cloth and yarn and Nila House has commissioned an indigo quilt for their collection.

(Photos above: Pallavi with Mewa Sapera/Mewa Sapera)


For enquiries please ring Victoria Singh on +91 98290 36384 and ask for the catalogue.


We exhibited at the India International Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi from 20th - 26th July, 2022.


Hand Stitched Godadis

While doing a survey on nomadic communities, Madan found some Kalbelia women near Bundi hand stitching their traditional bed quilts or godadis. The women had been reduced to begging in Noida and had returned home because of lockdown. He publicised their work on his facebook page and a joint project has grown out of it: Kalbelia Craft Revival Project.


Geetanjali of Moha Jewellery in Mumbai and her friends have provided most of the finance and she will sell the finished quilts. Expertise and financial support is coming from IICD Jaipur and NIFT Jodhpur. Each godadi takes about a month of work. Pallavi Singh, an intern from IICD is living in Bundi and working with the Kalbelia women to document their skills and develop marketable products.

KHS is also supporting this project financially until it becomes self-sustaining and all contributions are welcome. There is the possibility of involving many more nomadic women who have such stitching skills but we need major funding.

An eye camp was organised in Bundi on Sunday March 21 st , 2021 for Kalbelia women. Thanks to Dr. Sudhir Gupta’s Eye Hospital for conducting the camp and for Katkoun Haveli in Bundi for hosting it. Cataract operations have been offered free to 4 Kalbelia, and those who need them are getting free spectacles. KHS member Amit Goyal’s photo of Soorma Bai is featured on next year’s membership card.


If you are interested in supporting this project, please contact us.

Natti Bai and Laad Bai stitching at home in Shopariyon-ki-Baori village near Bundi.

(Photo credit Amit Goyal)

Soorma Bai from Dalelpura village with traditional quilts called godadis.

(Photo credit Amit Goyal)

Four godadis hand stitched by Kalbelia women.

(Photo credit Amit Goyal)


Dr. Sudhir Gupta's Eye Camp

Dr. Sudhir Gupta's eye camp for Kalbelia at Katkoun Haveli, Bundi on 21st March, 2021.

(Photo credit Pallavi Singh)